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Our client is an e-commerce business that sells shoes. The business was launched recently and is based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.


The client was having trouble attracting customers to their website. They had no clients for the first two weeks after the launch of their business. They needed to increase their brand awareness and attract new customers to grow their business.


Our agency developed a comprehensive marketing strategy for the client that included Facebook advertising. We created a series of Facebook ads that showcased the benefits of the client’s products and their unique selling proposition. 

We used photos and videos from the internet and edited them to look better. We created carousel ads with the products as a catalog sale. We launched the ads on Facebook, targeting users who were interested in shoes and fashion.

In addition to Facebook advertising, we also optimized the client’s website for search engines and optimized it for the customers to have a better journey on our website.


With a budget of 1000 euros at the beginning of our collaboration, the Facebook ads generated almost 5000 euros in sales for the client. 

However, after some results, the client started to invest more in the ads. For the last four months of our collaboration, we generated almost 20,000 euros in revenue every month with an investment in the ads of 5000 euros. 

Before that, we generated almost 10,000 euros in revenue per month from the second month with an investment of 2500 for the ads. 


The Facebook Ads campaign was a great success for the e-commerce business. The business was able to attract more customers to their website, which helped them grow their business. We don’t work anymore because they hired someone to work inhouse for their marketing.

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